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Tracking the thousands of software licenses used by this global IT Services firm was becoming a real challenge for the license management team. Metering applications was becoming a necessity.

In order to reduce licensing costs, the company had negotiated concurrent licenses for many of the applications it used. To ensure continuous compliance it was now required to actively meter applications and restrict usage within the license limits. In addition the management wanted detailed reports showing who used the applications and for how long for cost allocation purposes.

The license management team did a feature comparison of LanLicenser and four other software metering tools. LanLicenser came out as the winner for offering the most functionality at a competitive price,
as well as an architecture that fit the firm's distributed organization perfectly. In addition, the team was convinced that ABC Enterprise Systems being the vendor with the greatest focus and experience in metering technology, it was in the best position to keep improving its product and keep at the leading edge.

LanLicenser was deployed at a parent site and 7 child sites and a total of 13 metering servers. Many of the child sites and metering servers were separated from the parent site by a WAN link. The total number of clients actively metered was 4,500.

After a smooth deployment, the firm was able to monitor precisely its license usage and use usage trends for software purchase forecasting. Since then the detailed reports provided by LanLicenser have been demonstrating license compliance throughout the years.
“LanLicenser offered the most functionality while having a competitive price. Also, we felt that ABC Systems was able to focus on development of their product, since it is their entire business, unlike other companies that have many other products to support and develop.”

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