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Flight simulation software is an integral part of the pilots' curriculum development. However, this software is extremely expensive and tight license management is imperative.

Because of the cost, only a limited number of licenses are available to trainees. Air Force bases were looking for a way of maximising the use of software while ensuring legal compliance. LanLicenser brought the answer by enabling the IT team to centrally manage access to software licenses.

LanLicenser was deployed to all flight computer systems to actively meter licenses and monitor software usage. As a result the IT team could enable the trainees to make the most of the simulation software while enforcing license limits. Inspections from the
vendors became much easier as LanLicenser produces reports that demonstrate license compliance over time. An added benefit was that LanLicenser started reporting when users were using unapproved software on their PCs, indicating when and for how long.

For the IT manager of an Air Force base, managing software licenses has changed dramatically after deploying LanLicenser. License limits are continuously enforced and usage information readily available from LanLicenser reports prove it.

“LanLicenser gives us the confidence that we are legal and stay legal. Controlling software usage has become incredibly easier and inspections are no longer a worry.”

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