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Integration Capabilities
Integration with other Asset Management Solutions
LanLicenser is fully compatible with most leading vendors’ Software Asset Management/Inventory solutions. This allows metering and Inventory information to be combined into one report than can be used, for example, to identify internal applications or software products that can be retired.

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Powerful Integration with Industry Standard Databases
Because LanLicenser uses industry-standard relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server, it is very easy to import data such as user and cost centre information from other systems and export usage data for cost allocation purposes for example. These integration capabilities make LanLicenser very valuable to large organizations for which replacing existing systems is often a costly and risky option.
TCP/IP (Winsock) Support
LanLicenser supports both TCP/IP and Named Pipes as possible communication protocols between the LanLicenser client and it's Software Metering Server. This enables LanLicenser to operate in a wide range of network environments.
NT Event Log Transfer
All LanLicenser events (e.g. client denials, low license count etc.) can be sent to the NT event log. This makes a 'one-stop' event log available to the administrator that gives access to LanLicenser and NT events simultaneously. Using third party alerting software, the administrator can get e-mail or pager alerts from LanLicenser events.

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