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Why LanLicenser?
LanLicenser provides an integrated inventory (hardware and software) and software metering (usage) solution.  This enables you to effectively gain an understanding of your current situation by providing you with a view of what software in installed and where, and what is in use and by whom.

ABC Enterprise Systems’ strategy since its inception has been to concentrate on the area of software asset management that brings the most tangible value to the business user in terms of savings opportunities: software metering.

Thanks to the expertise accumulated over 15 years, ABC’s metering technology today offers unmatched accuracy, reliability and scalability.

Scalable Architecture
LanLicenser has been designed to grow with your business. Its 3-tier architecture makes it flexible enough to fit organizations of all types and sizes, be they centralized or distributed over the world.
In active mode each metering server can support up to 2000 clients, whereas in passive mode the number of clients supported can be up to 10,000.

Information You Can Act Upon
LanLicenser provides fully customizable reports that enable you to get exactly what you need and want. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives.
Low Administrative Resource Requirement
You won’t require an army of system administrators to run LanLicenser. It has been designed to be user-friendly and require minimal training. It is easy and quick to deploy.
Integration Capabilities
LanLicenser is designed to integrate seamlessly into your environment, and will integrate with most of the leading software asset management solution providers. If your system does not appear in our list of partners, we will be very happy to discuss integration options with you.

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