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New! LanLicenser 4.1 with SP2 Software available for download
LanLicenser 4.1 with SP2LanLicenser 4.1 with SP2 full software installation and upgrade package
LanLicenser 4.1 Documentation
Release Notes and Installation InstructionsRelease notes and Installation/Upgrade instructions for LanLicenser 4.1 with SP2. Please contact our support department if you are unsure how to proceed.
What's New in LanLicenser 4.1LanLicenser 4.1 builds on the success of earlier versions by introducing fundamental technology improvements that further increases its competitive edge.
LanLicenser 4.1 with SP2 Evaluators Guide
Ensure a seamless evaluation of LanLicenser 4.1 with SP2 by following our Evaluators Guide.
For previous versions of LanLicenser, please click here

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