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“LanLicenser was instrumental in enabling us to deliver a secure yet flexible IT infrastructure to our teachers and students.”

Another challenge was maintaining the integrity of workstation software installations and preventing the use of inappropriate software in computer suites. This is a problem that many firms would find familiar. However, in an educational environment, computer users are far more difficult to discipline than corporate employees!

Restricting access to the PCs by locking down the operating system is very difficult and requires intensive IT resources, not only in engineering but also in support, as applications that do not follow Microsoft development guidelines closely can behave erratically
when the security of the operating system is tightened.

LanLicenser brought a simple solution to this complex problem by turning the problem around. Rather than preventing files from being copied to the hard disks, LanLicenser monitors the process activity on each workstation. If a student attempts to run a prohibited application, LanLicenser will instantly kill the process. It doesn’t matter whether such applications are started from the hard disk, a floppy disk, a CD or downloaded from an Internet web site: in all cases LanLicenser will intercept the process and prevent the application from running. LanLicenser provides an elegant, reliable and cost-effective solution to the problem of software security in schools.

Says Tom Greatorex, Broadband Manager: “Telford & Wrekin is one
of a number of LEAs having the Pathfinder Status. Under this scheme we are encouraged to look at innovative technology solutions that deliver higher value for ICT money and improve the learning experience. LanLicenser was instrumental in enabling us to deliver a secure yet flexible IT infrastructure to our teachers and students. The savings we achieved on licenses enabled us to pay back the LanLicenser investment in the first year and make a better use of our software budget.”

The Borough of Telford
& Wrekin LEA Facts:

  83 Schools
  28,500 Users

IT Infrastructure:
  8,000 PCs
  64 Servers
  120 Applications

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