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LanLicenser tracks all applications running on the network whether on file servers, Citrix Servers, Terminal Servers, client workstations, or even floppies and CDs at the workstations. LanLicenser also automatically detects all new products being run on a client computer and can ensure that unauthorized applications are never run again.
Active or Passive Metering
LanLicenser allows the network administrator to select product by product, whether to physically control access to programs or simply monitor and report their usage.
Auto Trend Analysis
LanLicenser uses auto-trend analysis to automatically 'balance' licenses across licensing sites and thus ensures maximum cost savings. Detailed trend analysis enables accurate license requirement forecasting.
Powerful Application Access Control
The network administrator can restrict access to any registered products anywhere on the network based on any combination of user name, group membership, computer name or time of day.

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