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Software asset management products can yield volumes of information that leave the administrator confused about what to do with this data. LanLicenser has been designed with cost optimization in mind. The predefined reports answer questions that IT managers often ask themselves, and allow the latter to undertake accurately targeted cost-optimization initiatives supported by factual data.
Extensive Reports and Graphing

A range of over 80 pre-configured reports are supplied as standard with LanLicenser, making it easier than ever to start getting valuable information immediately. Reports cover a wide range of performance monitoring and measurement. LanLicenser also includes separate Cost Center reporting for easy interdepartmental billing.

Administrators can customize the many standard reports and graphs available. Reports can be exported to different data formats including Excel, dBase, Microsoft Word, Lotus 123, RTF or direct to e-mail systems. Additional reports can be easily created with the full version of Crystal Reports, available separately.

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