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LanLicenser Inventory
LanLicenser's inventory component automatically finds and tracks all IT assets - both hardware and software - located within a company. Assets are recorded and stored within a database repository and subsequent new assets located are automatically added to this inventory.
LanLicenser software inventory provides the following information:
  • Software Publisher
  • Software file information such as name, size, date, path, version
  • Whether the application is an individual application or part of a suite
  • Software inventory information on both servers and workstations
  • Number of copies of each application installed
  • Inventory can be run remotely within the network
The hardware inventory component collects information about the computer being scanned including (but not limited to) the following:
  • Operating System: Service Pack, Product ID and Version.
  • System: Manufacturer, Model and Serial Number.
  • Computer: Name, MAC and IP address.
  • BIOS: Manufacturer, Name and Version.
  • Physical Memory; Total and Type.
  • Drives: Hard Drives, DVD/CD-ROM and Removable Disks.
  • Processor: Manufacturer, Type and Speed.
  • Monitors & Video Controllers.
  • IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Devices.
  • USB Devices.
  • Keyboards & Pointing devices.
  • Printers.
For more information on Inventory, download the LanLicenser Inventory Fact Sheet and the LanLicenser FAQs brochure. 

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